I don't need New Year's Resolutions any more. Coaching has taught me how to prioritise what's important and motivated me to just get on with it all year long.
Solicitor, London
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I offer a range of coaching packages, starting from £120. All packages are offered as a minimum of 3 initial appointments following an informal chat on the phone.

Kick-Start Coaching:

A series of 3 sessions, each lasting one hour, which you can use anytime over a 3-month period. Fee:  £225 including email support between sessions.

Fast-Track Coaching:

Weekly 1-hour coaching meetings which run for a minimum 6-week period (or fortnightly for 12 weeks). This is the most popular coaching programme. Fee:  £450 including email support between sessions plus a  complimentary 7th review session one month later.

Master-Class Coaching:

Monthly in-depth coaching offered over a minimum 3-month period. The series is initially for 3 x 90 minute sessions. Fee:  £285 including email support between sessions.

Walkie-Talkie Coaching:

Coaching on-the-go is offered in convenient outdoor locations in Central London at times and intervals to suit your lifestyle. Sessions run for 60 minutes, starting with a minimum of 3 meetings.  Fee: £225 including email support.

On-Call Coaching:

Convenient 30-minute phone sessions which can be arranged at short notice. Fee:  £120 including email support.