On-Call Coaching: the priority booking service exclusively for doctors.

Make your life a priority by contacting KS Coaching to book a complimentary 30-minute Coaching Check-up.

  • Are you under pressure?
  • Always busy, busy, busy?
  • Looking for more clarity and confidence?
  • Craving some real thinking space?
  • Want to feel inspired again?
  • Considering some difficult decisions?
  • Ready to take action?
  • Not sure what the next step is?

If you answer yes to any of these questions and find yourself pressing the ‘panic button’ more than you’d like lately, now could be the time to find fresh, new answers and press on in a very different way.

Life coaches are trained to challenge the way you think and provide you with essential thinking space so that you can think better by focusing on what’s really important to you. Working one-to-one with a coach can lead you to find more satisfying and fulfilling ways of dealing with problems, challenges, relationships, career decisions…life!

On-Call Coaching offers personal and professional phone coaching for busy doctors. 30-minute sessions are available at short notice for a prompt solution to issues and challenges that can’t wait.

“On-Call Coaching has helped me jump over one obstacle after another. I think other doctors will find the approach stimulating, challenging and pain free. After just 30 minutes you’ll realise the powerful impact as you start sorting out messy careers, finances and relationships – at work, home…or both!”  --Dr A F (GP London)

Fees:  On-Call Coaching packages are available from £120/month.

We’re at the end of the phone, ready for you to jump to the front of the queue.