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Blown away by your work?

Posted By on July 9, 2009

If your parachute has got its ropes twisted or it’s just not the right colour anymore then you may be thinking of letting it go. The 2009 edition of  ‘What colour is your parachute’, the gold standard of career guides, is billed as the ‘hard times’ edition. We’re undoubtedly in hard times, but why is it that I’m seeing more and more people thinking of leaving their jobs, hoping to put the wind back in their sails?

The economic downturn we’re experiencing on a global scale is one interpretation of ‘hard times’. For many, it’s much more personal than that. People are dragging themselves to jobs every day, simply going through the motions – I call it ‘motion sickness’. Working in a way that lacks meaning, without a sense of true purpose, can feel like hard times that even Dickens couldn’t depict. It’s enough to make anyone want to have a sickie.

Maybe there’s something in the air compelling us to throw caution to the wind and catch a dangerous ride on a fast and furious current that promises to transport us to a place of more engaging, satisfying work. Trouble is, the competition is fierce and opportunities are like gold dust – they may be worth searching for but it takes a committed grafter to sift through all that sludge to get their hands on the reward.

So what to do when you’re not getting totally blown away by your work? I see two possible options:

– Take a risk and let go of that death grip hold on your parachute, free-fall for a while, see which way the wind blows you and explore those places that you’ve always been passionate about.

– Look at your parachute from a fresh perspective – see it as a tent instead. Untangle the ropes, tie them to some stakes and plant them firmly in the ground. Take responsibility for getting more out of your job by engaging and connecting with it at a profoundly deeper level.

Can’t decide? Start by listening to your gut instinct. But whichever approach you take, you’ll get there more quickly simply by doing 2 things: commit to your decision and then take a powerful step.

What’s your next, powerful, mind-blowing step? I’m curious to find out!

Happy sailing!

PS:  If the wind isn’t blowing or the ground is too muddy, you can always have a sickie – you’ll find a bit of help here: www.thesite.org/workandstudy/working/workwelfare/failsafesickies

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