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I am a qualified coach, trainer and lecturer and have been coaching since 2006. 

My clients are mainly professionals looking to bring greater clarity, confidence and commitment to what matters most to them right now, and for the future.

My coaching can help to tilt the balance towards a life that has more meaning, fulfillment and success, whether that’s personally, professionally, or both. 


Some of the most enjoyable moments in coaching have been where I’ve seen clients make major shifts in their confidence (eg before an important interview or presentation), and when supporting clients to tap into something within themselves which helped them to bring about real and meaningful change.

Executive coaching with Kathleen

I see clients for one-to-one coaching at City Road Therapy on Mondays between 7.30am and 1.30pm.

Typically I offer between four and six sessions, though some continue to work with me over a longer period of time, depending very much on the issues and goals they are working on.  Clients come to coaching from various routes – some to reflect in depth on their lives possibly for the first time, whilst others may have already worked with a psychotherapist. In some cases, clients decide to move on to psychotherapy as a valuable follow-on from coaching.

I use a variety of coaching tools and exercises both in session and between sessions so that clients can get full benefit from the coaching meetings.

Qualifications and Experience

I have over 5000 hours of one-to-one work, and have coached clients working across a range of professions in the public and private sectors including law, teaching, medicine, charity, finance and design. 

As a former lecturer for an MA in Managing Medical Careers, I’ve developed a real understanding of the issues that many busy professionals are concerned about. 

I’ve gained qualifications in professional coaching (distinction), neuro-linguistic programming and I am an NLP licensed practitioner, emotional freedom techniques (EFT), and clean language.

My interests in continuing professional development (CPD) have led to training in coaching constellations, gestalt coaching, mindfulness, psychodynamic coaching and solutions focus.

I am an active member of the Association for CoachingInternational Coach Federation and the Association of Integrative Coach Therapist Professionals.

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