I'm no longer 'stuck in a rut'. With Kathleen's help I have a great new job, a new relationship and feel positive and clear about my future!
Healthcare Manager, London
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Kathleen Sullivan MA MAC Professional coach, NLP practitioner & trainer…with a great sense of humans

Qualifications & professional interests

kath_about My professional coaching qualification was awarded by Coaching & Mentoring International, and a UK-accredited diploma course, in 2006 (distinction). I then went on to explore Neuro Linguistic Programming and am a licensed, certified NLP practitioner.  I have an MA in Education and International Development: Health Promotion (Institute of Education, University of London) and BSc in Business Studies, International Affairs and German (Whittemore School of Business and Economics, University of New Hampshire, USA). I am a member of the UK professional coaching body, Association for Coaching.

Professional background

I moved into coaching from a background in international training and project management in the health field. At Imperial College Faculty of Medicine I worked on an HIV knowledge programme in Russia. Over a period of 13 years I made over 40 trips to the former Soviet Union where I ran focus groups, workshops and seminars for healthcare professionals. I developed my people skills from a variety of situations: outreach work with vulnerable young people on the streets of Russia; equally challenging meetings with Ministers of Health in Moscow; and training doctors on an oil field in Kazakhstan. I have taught participatory and coaching approaches in public health to MSc students at Imperial College London, Faculty of Medicine and the Institute of Health and Human Development at the University of East London. I have been in the UK since 1987 and live and work in Central London. AClogo