I'm no longer 'stuck in a rut'. With Kathleen's help I have a great new job, a new relationship and feel positive and clear about my future!
Healthcare Manager, London
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Each individual’s coaching experience is a personal journey, however, some of my clients have asked me to share with you the positive impact KS Coaching has had on their lives.

“Whilst I’ve always been aware of the support and achievements possible through coaching, I’d never believed it was for me – I’m strong, determined and self-sufficient. Thankfully, I met Kathleen, and am a genuinely happier, more motivated person as a result. I cannot recommend enough the benefit of investing my time in KS Coaching.”
–Director, Hertfordshire (Feb-07)

“After working with Kathleen for just 3 months I’ve moved my life forward by a WHOLE YEAR!”
–Property valuer and mother of 3, New York (Oct-06)

“With Kathleen’s help I am no longer ‘stuck in a rut’ – I have a great new job, a new relationship and feel positive and clear about my future!”

–Healthcare Manager, London (Jan-07)

“I don’t need New Year’s resolutions anymore. Coaching with Kathleen has ensured that I achieve what I put my mind to. I’ve dealt with the obstacles and now know how to prioritise what’s important to me and just get on with it.”
–Solicitor, London (Nov-06)

“It was clear from the beginning that Kathleen really knew her stuff. She kept me highly focused and I was amazed how much ground we covered in a short space of time. The guidance and advice was practical and comprehensive, which I’m sure was a big factor in my success.”
–Arts and Media Development Manager, UK (Nov-06)

“During the coaching session, Kathleen worked with me to develop a realistic timeline to complete the writing of my second publication. Without the external accountability, I would have used the time to work on another assignment from my lengthy ‘Things to do’ list.”
–Professional Trainer, UK (Oct-06)

“I never believed that coaching was something I really needed. But even after just one session with Kathleen, I now have so much clarity about what I want to do and how I’m going to do it. And I am doing it! It’s just brought the whole picture into focus and everything seems so clear to me now.”
–Consultant, London (Jan-07)

“Working with Kathleen is proving invaluable in helping me to understand what I want to achieve. After each session, I have a very clear idea of exactly what I need to do next to advance my career and feel much more confident now that I am heading in the right direction. Kathleen is always really focused on making sure I get as much out of each session as possible – which has made each session extremely productive as we always deal with the most relevant opportunities and concerns rather than wasting time going over old ground. I recently asked for her assistance before applying for a more senior position in another organisation. By the end of the session, I felt very positively that I had the skills and experience to do the job and could imagine myself in the new role. This made it far easier to fill in the application form with real faith that I was an ideal candidate for the position.”
–Senior Press Officer, London (Mar-07)