Coaching - space for change 


                      Kick Start Coaching



Ready to 

  • take on a new challenge

  • make way for a positive change 

  • get on top of unbeneficial mindset patterns and limiting benefits

Typically clients meet me for 3 coaching sessions over a 3 month period. If you are contemplating a new direction and looking to clarify your first steps, Kick Start Coaching will help you to get motivated and to feel more confident to shift gear into place. Choose from: 

  • face-to-face coaching in Central London  (Islington or London Bridge 

  • remote coaching (phone, Skype, Whatsapp, FaceTime

    Fast Track Coaching 

Build momentum as you focus in on important issues, making way for new and exciting challenges. I meet with clients over a series of six sessions, usually provided in rapid succession at intervals to suit your schedule, eg weekly or fortnightly. This robust approach is ideal for
  • mapping out your job/career progression
  • longer-term personal and/or professional goals
  • finding a more realistic, sustainable work-life balance
  • mastering interpersonal relationships - at work and in your personal life





Locations I work in are:

Islington and London Bridge

                        Master Class Coaching


Mastermind your life with a programme allowing time and space to concentrate on the long-term vision. Monthly or 6-weekly meetings run for 1.5 to 2 hours. This highly non-directive approach incorporates:

  • ‘blue sky’ thinking

  • focused listening

  • powerful questions

  • time to think

  • taking action



                    Walkie-Talkie Coaching 


In the space of a lunch hour you can walk alongside your coach in central London and get a mind and body work-out at the same time. This is strictly for multi-taskers! Whether you choose a brisk walk or gentle stroll for your 60-minute session, I guarantee that you will not only take great strides towards your goals but also:

  • energise your body and mind

  • feel more invigorated and motivated

  • inject movement into your life






Welcome to ThinKSpace. This is a space 100% dedicated to thinking about the way teams work. ThinKSpace is an innovative action learning programme that translates the greatest of intentions into actions with the greatest outcomes.

ThinKSpace is a place where:

  • minds are ignited

  • teams are inspired

  • positive change takes hold

ThinKSpace provides a forum for teams to take time out to think about their individual roles within the wider context of the team or organisation. Individuals draw on real-life scenarios from the workplace and create action learning sets to help them develop solutions to move them forward more quickly.



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